Frequently Asked Questions

•Do you install solar energy systems for house and shops?

Housing and shops have specific systems that are on grid to reduce the cost of electricity bill called on-grid backup. They have special inverters and you can install smart, high quality batteries with the system that would make it on-grid with battery backup. These kind of systems will be applied mid 2018 after authorization by the Electricity and Cogeneration Regulatory authority

•Do solar energy systems need different installation than the normal power supply?

No, the solar home system works through the company's basic drum and carries the full loads of home appliance. It only works as a protection from high power bills by a certain percentage that is directly proportional to the installed system power.

•Can solar provided power operate Air Conditioning units?

Yes, solar provided power can operate any electrical equipment regardless of its power. However, it depends on the skills of the designer and his expertise. It would require stronger systems which requires larger planes for the solar panels. Also, the initial installation cost will be more expensive.

•Can solar energy make up for Electricity Company?

Yes, however, we only recommend this in remote areas where there is no electricity power. Off- grid systems are very expensive since they work as generators and must have batteries to work when there is no sunlight.

•Does solar energy require specific batteries?

Yes, it is called deep cycle battery which is different from batteries used in cars

•What is the life span of deep cycle batteries?

The life span is from 3-5 years and can last up to 7 years. It depends on operating conditions such as the installation place, storage and outside temperature

•Is lighting the reason of high power bills?

Certainly No, lighting power consumption depends on its type. LED are power efficient while others consume much more power.

•Does solar energy systems require annual maintenance?

No, but it requires semi-daily wiping of the panels from dust, residue or birds dirt.

• Do solar panels require special cleaning tools?

No, simple glass cleaner solution and a cloth are enough.