Structures Of Thermosiphon Systems

We manufacture structures in various models, both in galvanized and stainless steel, in different sizes and thickness. We also provide customized profile that meet the customer's needs. Adjustable models are available for flat surfaces or roof mounting with different inclination.

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Panels need to be attached to the roof or to the ground. The panels themselves cannot be directly attached to the ground owing to their structure, and hence they need a separate mounting structure. Solar panels need a secure fastening to the roof or ground to protect against winds. Mounting structures do this function.

Solar-Powered Cathodic Protection

Solar-Powered Cathodic Protection (SPCP) system is a specialized application that we provide for industrial installations. SPCP systems are completely independent systems that inject impressed currents into steel structures such as pipelines, tanks, underground structures to prevent these structures from corrosion requirements. It is designed to provide maximum protection to the equipment and to work with high efficiency even at +50 degree centigrade ambient temperatures. The main advantage of our systems is that they do not require grid to operate making them ideal for remote desert locations where power is not available or too expensive to provide.



Protecting panels from theft and damage is a serious issue. due to their light weight and high market value they require maximum protection.